Organic Soothe Me Soak


An ayurvedic herbal bath soak to soothe you for peaceful sleep, while nourishing your vulnerable areas and bringing moisture and healing to where you need it most.

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One month’s supply of soothing tridosha herbal baths (if you’re bathing twice weekly) or 8 herbal baths

Prepare a small towel nearby to dry your feet after your ayurvedic bath or soak.  Fill your bath or basin with hot water, submerging the reusable & biodegradable Soothe Me bag. Allow to seep for 5-10 minutes to make a more potent bath, Wait for the water to cool a bit before you submerge your whole body or simply soak your feet.  Be sure to shower after soaking so toxins you’ve sweat out do not get reabsorbed.  Now drift off… into soothing sleep.
For immediate postpartum, use only 1x/week as a full body soak until sutures are dissolved on their own.
Not for use while pregnant.  

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt,* Dead Sea Salt,* French Grey Sea Salt,* Epsom Magnesium Salt,* Lavender,* Rosemary,+ Ashwagandha,+ Shatavari,+ Witch Hazel,+ Yarrow,+ Chamomile,+ Calendula,+ Rose,+ St. John’s Wort,+ Uva Ursi, Valerian,+ Cardamom+  in 100% natural, biodegradable, reusable bath bags made from virgin (unbleached) cotton, woven domestically without toxic chemicals. 

*Non-GMO, Certified Authentic, Organic Compliant, Kosher Certified, Pharmaceutical Grade, 100% Pure & Natural
+Certified USDA Organic

When finished with the bath bag, simply pour into the toilet or compost.  Toss the reusable bag in the wash and air dry.  You have 8 bags now to store trinkets, lip balm, nipple butter, or pacifiers!

You’re pregnant and wanting more self-care goodies?
Try our Relax Me Soak!  Our Soothe Me Soak is not recommended for use while pregnant.  Our Relax Me Soak, Replenish Me Scrub, and Renew Me Oil are offered in our Self-Care Bundle.

You’re in postpartum?
Our Soothe Me Soak, Replenish Me Scrub, and Renew Me Oil are offered in our Peaceful Postpartum Bundle.


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