Sleep Training Trio


Three 8-hour overnights in a row
Gentle sleep conditioning for newborns or sleep training for infants.

  • Gentle sleep conditioning for newborns
  • Gentle sleep training for healthy infants 3 months +
  • Bottle-feeding throughout the night and weaning night feeds
  • Assistance with breastfeeding throughout the night and night weaning
  • Bedtime and bath time routine if desired
The Trio Schedule

Overnight sleep training can be contracted for a minimum of two nights in a row.

This package is for three consistent overnights for older babies who already have a good bedtime routine (asleep by 6/7pm) and who need help sleeping without a swaddle or settling through the night.

The schedule is 8-hours from either 8pm-4am or 9pm-5am three overnights in a row.

If your older baby does not have a consistent bedtime routine in place already (down every night by 7pm), you will need a Newborn Care Specialist to start earlier in the evening – view the Sleep Training Duo Package.

After both the payment and contract are complete, we will schedule a virtual call to discuss the schedule, the ideal sleep setup, and sleep swaddles or sleep sacks.  A plan will be made during this virtual conversation about how the night will look upon the Newborn Care Specialist/Infant Care Specialist’s arrival so all expectations will be set beforehand.  Upon starting the overnight shift, your NCS/ICS can take over care of your little one so you can rest knowing they are in excellent hands.

Individual Consultation

Contact us to set up a video call interview and discuss your preferred length of overnight support.  We work with each family individually to discover your particular needs as every family’s situation is unique. Consultation fee can be applied toward any service.

Payment Terms

Payment is due in full unless contracting for a 1 month period or more.

Free ACH bank transfers are preferred through our website. You may also pay via Stripe, Zelle, or Venmo (@HeartisticFamilies). Cash and cashier’s checks are also acceptable.


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