Organic Replenish Me Scrub


An herbal ayurveda body scrub is at your fingertips, and your feet and body awaits!  Replenish your mind, body, and spirit through this tridosha ultra self-care ritual.  Detoxify, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, soothe muscles and aches, reduce swelling and inflammation, calm your nerves, heal your skin, beautify your soul, melt away your worries, inspire sweet dreams… and then start again, replenished.


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Prepare a small towel nearby to dry your feet after you finish, along with a washcloth.  Wet your skin and sprinkle your Replenish Me ayurveda body scrub anywhere you need… then caress and caress some more… apply all over in circling motions on your joints and long, slow strokes toward your heart.  Allow to sit for 10 minutes as a body mask before unveiling replenished skin with your wet, warm washcloth.  Rinse off and now you glow!


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt,* Dead Sea Salt,* French Grey Sea Salt,* Epsom Magnesium Salt,* Natural Lavender,* Natural Eucalyptus*, Natural Raw Turbinado Sugar,* Sesame Oil,+ Castor Oil,+ Sunflower Oil,+ Shea Butter,+ Ashwagandha,+ Shatavari,+ Bentonite Clay,* Chamomile Flowers,+ Calendula Flowers,+ Bala Root+
*Non-GMO, Certified Authentic, Organic Compliant, Kosher Certified, Pharmaceutical Grade, 100% Pure & Natural
+Certified USDA Organic

For use in pregnant and postpartum, our Replenish Me Scrub is paired with our luxury Renew Me Oil in our Reflexology Session + Kit.

You’re pregnant and wanting more self-care goodies?
Our Replenish Me Scrub, Relax Me Soak, and Renew Me Oil are offered in our Self-Care Bundle.

You’re in postpartum?
Our Replenish Me Scrub, Soothe Me Soak, and Renew Me Oil are offered in our Peaceful Postpartum Bundle.


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