Rebozo + Baby Carrier


Our rebozos are authentic and hand-made by Oaxaca artisans, imported from Mexico. They have been weaving this sacred garmet using the ancient pedal loom technique since the prehispanic times, and it has been used by Mexican women to cover from cold and to carry their babies. The rebozo has also been depended upon for decades and decades to provide comfort measures to women during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. It is a favorite tool shared with American doulas and midwives. The rebozo is made with 100% non-stretching cotton, which is breathable and resistant.

Created with patience and time to acquire right pattern, color, beauty and length, Mexican rebozos are weaved one-by-one using either a waist loom or a pedal loom. This process can take a couple of weeks (thread is dyed) or a couple of months depending on the pattern and fringe design. Normally men weave the main part of the rebozo and women tie the fringe.

Mexican rebozos are used by doulas:

  • to decrease discomfort of pregnancy (as a waist garment) or as a tool for massage
  • to help baby move and achieve correct position for a natural birth (Rebozo manteada)
  • comfort during labor and birth (hip sifting i.e. Spinning Babies techniques)
  • comfort in postpartum for tightening hips
  • as baby carrier for baby wearing
  • for easy breastfeeding
  • as hammock to cuddle baby

Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions (Length x Width): 2.50 x 65 cm / 98.5″ x 25 ½ ” + Fringe: 15 cm / 5.90 in

Weight (approximate): 430-450 grams / < 1 lb.

Aprox 227grms/m2

The Rebozo + Baby Carrier is included in our Self-Care Bundle.

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Ivory, Lilac, Mint, Orange, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Yellow


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