Virtual Self-Paced Newborn Care eCourse


Have you ever held or taken care of a baby? Many parents and expecting mothers are worried about sleep training their baby even before their baby is born. What about basic, everyday newborn care? Learn key tips on how to take care of a baby and practice diapering, babywearing, and swaddling as well as evidence based information on newborn reflexes, behavioral cues, and newborn sleep. Learn how to calm a fussy or overtired baby from a Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist who has served hundreds of families and countless in-home shifts, tending to singletons and multiples. This is not your average baby care 101 class. Our Newborn Care Class is an online, on-demand, comprehensive eCourse with 6 hours of content from which you can pause and resume learning at your convenience. Get instant access to our Newborn Care Class!

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Topics include:

How to diaper, why babies cry when diapered, and how to avoid diapering discomfort

Tips for avoiding a rash, different types of rashes and what they’re caused by, & how to treat diaper rash

How and when to swaddle, why it’s even necessary, when to stop, plus demonstrations of various swaddles

Newborn reflexes: what’s normal and what’s not to worry about, and when they’ll grow out them

Basic babywearing techniques for hands-free time to prep a snack or brush your teeth!

Best ways to avoid spit-up and common bloopers parents make which can cause spit up

Proper burping positions and tried and true methods for relieving gas bubbles and upset tummy

Comforting methods for soothing and settling a fussy or overtired baby

Sleep tips to avoid overstimulation and sleep education, what newborn sleep looks like and why

SIDS, preventing overheating, best nursery/room temperature and humidity for newborns, & signs of illness

Evidence-based methods of helping newborns rest & digest vs. outdated methods of crying it out and its impact on DNA and social behavior as your child develops

Tummy time tips and how to avoid plagiocephaly or flat head

How to communicate with your newborn and rules for eye contact and sensory stimulation

How to care for eyes, nose, fingernails, toenails, and tongue

The different causes of neonatal/newborn acne, baby acne, and infant acne – and what to do

How to prevent and care for cradle cap

Caring for the umbilical cord stump properly, tips on sponge bathing & various bathing methods

Kangaroo Care and the importance of ongoing Skin-to-Skin, for Baby and for each parent

Understanding weight gain and assessing hydration, tracking pees and poos in the first 14 days

Interpreting specific newborn sounds and what your newborn is requesting

Car seat safety, container syndrome, and transportation device vs. sleep device rules


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