Kitchari Bundle


14 meals, 7 varieties of kitchari! A gentle kitchari routine (5 days) in pregnancy or postpartum.

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Please order in advance as babies can debut early! If ordering for postpartum, the ideal way is entering the date you’re 35 weeks pregnant so it can be prepared around that date, frozen, and delivered for you to place directly in your freezer. This way you’ll have it in time! If you just discovered us, and you’re due any day or already have birthed and want your meal bundle immediately, please put today’s date. Depending on our order queue, we will start on your order ASAP otherwise it may take longer. Your order will be delivered within 1-2 weeks if you have not ordered ahead of time. If you are planning a short vacation, please contact us ahead of time to request a different delivery date. Once prepped, we cannot hold it in our kitchen. We are not responsible if you go into labor and are not home to receive the package. We will notify you via email with your tracking number so you can track your package and have a partner or friend collect it if you are already in your birthing time. Local deliveries in Los Angeles County are delivered by courier via contactless delivery in the evening hours unless arranged otherwise. Live outside Los Angeles County? You will be notified the day prior by email with your ETA and tracking number; your meal bundle will be overnighted and you will receive it only on a Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Fri before 12pm noon. We ship nationwide and are not responsible for damaged packages that have not been collected in a timely manner. Signature is required.


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We do not use dairy or soy for our milk-based ingredients; we use plant-based milk. We craft our meals with ghee as it helps assimilate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients deeper into the tissues for healing. Grandmothers who practice Ayurveda say “30 lbs of ghee in the first month postpartum” as it’s known to help nutrition as well as weight loss. We are not just switching out dairy milk for another milk and then calling it vegan, as we already do not use dairy milk or any dairy ingredients AT ALL except ghee. If choosing vegan, we omit ghee completely. Therefore if you are choosing vegan only due to a dairy intolerance, we encourage you to choose vegetarian instead as ghee is super beneficial for internal oiling and to speed healing after birthing. In addition, ghee does not cause an issue for those who have a dairy intolerance as ghee is actually casein-free and lactose-free.

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Our Kitchari Bundle includes 7 varieties (2 each for a total of 14 meals):

  • Saffron Fennel Kitchari
  • Zucchini Jewel Kitchari
  • Butternut Coconut Cilantro Kitchari
  • Golden Beet Asparagus Kitchari
  • Coconut Ube Kitchari
  • Kabocha Adzuki Kitchari
  • Pho Shiitake Seaweed Kitchari

About 5 days of meals if eaten 3x/day for a gentle kitchari routine in pregnancy or postpartum
– or – 7 days of meals if eaten 2/x day when used as a weight loss kitchari cleanse

Nourish’s Kitchari Bundle is entirely gluten-free, soy-free, and vegetarian.  It is also dairy-free with the exception of  tiny amount of ghee, however those who are intolerant to dairy can actually consume ghee without worry as it’s casein-free and lactose-free.

Having a healthy digestive system supports mental, emotional, and physical processes within the body. This traditional Ayurvedic dish also known as Khichadi in India, is the easiest to digest protein, a vegetarian source from mung bean. Consuming kitchari reduces inflammation and mucus in the body and is the gentlest way for stimulating the agni (digestive fire) and speeding metabolism. Our Ayurvedic Kitchari Bundle is an excellent staple for all stages – pregnancy, postpartum, breast milk production, and for weight loss but only when consumed as a mono diet.

The ayurvedic tradition calls for both the enjoyment and essential healing of eating kitchari 2-3 times daily whether you’re in pregnancy, postpartum, or have yet to conceive. When eaten in pregnancy, it can help balance the energies of the body and ease nausea. Our Kitchari Bundle provides a gentle opportunity for your body to receive energy while realigning your three doshas (energies) resting your digestive system, and eliminating toxins built up in the body so your body can focus on healing. Kitchari helps purify the digestive organs while cleansing the body of toxins, speeding metabolism, while increasing milk production. If you’re doing a kitchari cleanse for weight loss, kitchari is to be exclusively consumed 2-3 times daily (called a mono diet) along with only herbal teas and water. A typical kitchari cleanse is when a Kitchari Bundle is eaten exclusively for 3 – 5 days but a kitchari cleanse can last for a whole month.

Ayurvedic principles teach the three doshas (energies) in the body:

  • Vata: properties are drying, cold, air, space, wind, fast movement, moves upward in the body
  • Pitta: properties are drying, heat, fire, sharp, quick
  • Kapha: properties are water and earth, (think grounding like the earth where the energy moves downward in the body)

Ayurvedic postpartum care includes kitchari consumption which harmonizes the new mother’s vata and reduces the likelihood a vata imbalance in postpartum. After birthing, an empty space (void) remains in the womb area where once was the baby and placenta. After pregnancy and then going through childbirth, women need to keep their bodies warm and prevent excess air from occupying the space in the womb (excess vata dosha imbalance) or the body takes on a cold chill and dryness which stalls healing and slows metabolism. With too much vata, the energy moves upward in the body toward the head instead of downward and grounding (which Kapha’s earthy water properties can help counteract through grounding rituals like breathing and yoga and meditation). This chaotic vata energy moving upward in the body manifests as scatterbrain, too many thoughts, anxiety, dryness, headaches, gas, bloating, constipation, and interrupted sleep.

To counteract the dry and airy properties of vata, Ayurvedic advice is to avoid airy foods like toast, bread, popcorn, lasagne, crackers, etc. and replacing them with moist (kapha’s watery like properties) soups, warm porridges (kapha’s liquidy nature and pitta’s heat) which aid digestion, balancing vata, and stimulating the metabolism to restore agni (digestive fire). In pregnancy, the body is higher in pitta. But in postpartum, the gastric juices slow and need to be stimulated to speed healing to increase energy in the body, while ensuring voiding (pooping) is comfortable and soft. For a new mother who just went through childbirth, this is very important especially if there was tearing or swelling to the perineum.

Kitchari, is a longtime Ayurvedic tradition eaten that is easy to digest, aiding gut healing, gentle detoxification, recovery from illness or surgery, perfect for postpartum mothers to promote healing in the 4th trimester or expecting mothers wanting more nutrition. The balanced meal of kitchari contains protein, iron, and all essential amino acids from just mung beans, rice, plus fiber and low GI carbohydrates, and healthy fats of ghee or coconut oil.

Mung beans, a vegetarian source high in protein and fiber, can help you lose weight, but in a gentle way. They are one of the easiest-to-digest beans and unlike other beans, mung beans do not cause gas while supporting lactation. Kitchari also contains spices which inspire digestion and metabolism, full of antioxidants, along with non-gas-forming starchy and green vegetables that are also not gas offenders. This is important for breastfed newborns whose digestive systems are still evolving. Our Ayurvedic Kitchari Bundle contains lactose-free and casein-free ghee which is great for breastfeeding mothers. Regardless if you are pregnant or postpartum, ghee helps the body assimilate the abundant nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the beans and vegetables to go deeper into the tissues thus speeding healing.


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