Individual Consultation

30-minute video call to discuss your personalized support plan for your ideal birth and/or postpartum experience.  If you choose to purchase a birth doula or postpartum doula package, the fee will be credited to your account.

Book Individual Consultation
In our meeting, here are possible topics we will clarify:
  • options for birth doula and/or postpartum doula packages or pregnancy coaching
  • in-person or virtual support benefits
  • evidence-based information you can learn from prenatal doula meetings
  • how a doula can support your partner and guide your partner to support you best
  • specific programs on topics you’d receive access to if signing up
  • the type of birth place you desire to birth in
  • an ideal schedule for support during postpartum
  • what you can expect after hiring your birth or postpartum doula or pregnancy coach
Payment Terms

The fee for the Individual Consult is nonrefundable if you cancel, however it will be credited toward any Birth Doula or Postpartum Doula package, if you decide to sign up.

Receipts and a Superbill will be provided with our National Provider Identifier and Doula medical codes for possible insurance reimbursement.



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