Bengkung Belly Bind


Postpartum bengkung belly bind made of 100% “premium grade” natural, unbleached cotton muslin with the perfect characteristics (weave, weight, thread count, strength, and drape) specific for belly binding.

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Care for and repair your incredible postpartum body with this ancient traditional Malaysian bengkung belly binding practice utilizing the pressure of bound fabric to provide womb support and a foundation for internal organs, pull in the hips, speed up uterine involution, and repair diastasis recti.

17 yards long x 9 inches wide
(you may easily cut to appropriate size in order to accommodate your changing postpartum body)

This is more than enough fabric to fit any size body, immediately postpartum and on. Just cut your belly wrap down to size as your belly slims down over time. Immediately postpartum you will still look around 5 months pregnant so you’ll need a longer wrap to accommodate your shrinking belly. You can just cut the wrap as your belly gets smaller or leave the excess as a tail for use again with a future pregnancy.

100% “premium grade” natural, unbleached cotton muslin

Proceeds from each sale go towards helping support Tibetan orphans at the Sengchem Drukmo Girls Home, a privately funded orphanage & school located in a mountainous independent Tibetan prefecture in the Qinghai Province. They are committed to educating Tibetan girls in a way that challenges the way society views the capabilities and opportunities of girls, while also supporting the rich Tibetan cultural heritage challenged by political tensions.

Wash on delicate cycle/cold
Line dry

Our Bengkung Belly Bind is included in our Peaceful Postpartum Bundle.


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