Virtual Nursery Consultation


  • 1 phone conversation (45 min) plus 1 follow up e-mail

This service is for expecting mothers.  It is easy to want to purchase all the cute items when preparing for your baby to arrive, but more often than not it can lead to overspending on items new parents thought they would need, but then never needed to use.  There are a lot of fads and the baby product industry is to make money.  Not everything marketed is useful – or even safe!  A Nursery Consultation also makes a great baby shower gift!

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Nourish Birth Nursery Consultation
Your Nursery Consultation includes:

1 phone conversation (45 min) plus 1 follow up e-mail

Learn how to save money by knowing which items are a nursery necessity to buy before baby arrives, and what can wait to be purchased later.

There is a professional difference in the product advice coming from a friend vs. from a baby expert who knows AAP (American Academy of Pediatrician) guidelines – especially for safe sleep and products recalls.

Through this consultation, you’ll have hired a professional for advice on products she has seen and used in hundreds of family’s homes.  We help you set up a baby registry and give advice on nursery safety, organization, and functionality.


We also inform you of safe, green products, covering:



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