Home Birth 101 (FREE eCourse)

Home Birth Nourish: Birth + Postpartum

The Real Scoop On Home Birth & All The Facts
Learn about midwives, the research on safety of home birth vs. hospital births and how to interpret home birth statistics, plus real accounts from families who chose to birth at home! In light of this public health concern, learn all the evidence-based information on home birth – you have options!

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What you’ll learn

  • compare state-by-state midwifery laws
  • read data from evidence-based research on home birth
  • learn to interpret data on safety of home birth vs. hospital
  • read true stories of families who birthed at home
  • watch testimonials from people who have birthed at home
  • assess risks in the community birth setting
  • hear from midwives about the midwife model of care
  • receive real research data to share with family
  • understand how to combat fears about home birth

Those wanting a natural birth have excellent success having a home birth, especially when they take the Hypnobabies Childbirth Class and use real, medical-grade hypnosis for birth. Check out the Hypnobabies Class Schedule here to find a class series.

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