Enrolling in 6-Week Hypnobabies Childbirth Class Series

Enrolling in the 6-Week Hypnobabies Group Childbirth Class Series

Congratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming birth!
Here’s how to enroll in the Group 6-Week Hypnobabies Class series!

Our hybrid class is fun and informative. Come learn in-person at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks!
A Zoom link will be provided for those who want to watch live at home if they need to quarantine.
NOTE: If you are desiring a Private Hypnobabies Class Series and you are not interested in joining 5 other couples in either a virtual or in-person group class, click here and scroll down to Option #3.

Depending on your EDD, you’ll want to enroll no later than 30 weeks gestation.

Upcoming 6-Week Hypnobabies Group Childbirth Class Series:

  • Wednesdays – November 30th – January 4th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing Feb/March) *2 spots left*
  • *2023 Class Series*
  • Wednesdays – January 11th – February 15th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing March/April)
  • Sundays – February 19th – March 26th @ 3pm-6pm (birthing April/May)
  • Tuesdays – March 14th – April 18th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing May/June)
  • Wednesdays – April 12th – May 17th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing June/July)
  • Tuesdays – May 9th – June 13 @ 6pm-9pm (birthing July/Aug)
  • Wednesdays – June 7th – July 12th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing Aug/Sept)
  • Thursdays – July 6th – August 10th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing Sept/Oct)
  • Wednesdays – August 9th – September 13th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing Oct/Nov)
  • Tuesdays – September 5th – October 10th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing late Oct/Nov)
  • Wednesdays – October 4th – November 8th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing late Nov/Dec)
  • Wednesdays – October 30th – December 4th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing Dec/Jan)
  • Thursdays – November 30th – Jan 4th @ 6pm-9pm (birthing late Jan/Feb)

The link to enroll is: www.hypnobabies-classes.com, where you’ll find important information about Hypnobabies classes.

1) On the bottom of that page you’ll click through to our online Hypnobabies Class Enrollment Form, and when you get to the first (landing) page of the form, please make sure to fill out your and your Birth Partner’s *full* names and email addresses. 

2) Please double-check that you have entered the correct emails for you and your birth partner on the landing page!

3) Pregnant student – you need to complete *your* part on the form first, including your signature, and then click the green “Finish” button.

4) After your part is completed, an email will be sent to your birth partner requesting them to sign, and when they click through to the online form, their form fields will be available for them to complete.

Info you’ll need for online enrollment:
Instructors Name – Camille Fiori
Instructor’s Email – hi@nourishbirth.com
Our class start date – (choose the first date of the class series, listed above in yellow)

Please fill out all enrollment form fields and make sure to include your and your Birth Partner’s *full* names on the actual enrollment form. 

*Be sure to complete the form in one sitting to avoid multiple forms being sent to Hypnobabies HQ.*

About Hypnobabies:
Hypnobabies is a 6-week comprehensive childbirth education course using self-hypnosis (medical grade) for a more confident and peaceful birthing experience!

Each class is roughly 3 hours long and includes education and new techniques that build upon the week before. To get the most out of the course and your hypnosis skills, they need to be practiced on a daily basis until your baby is born.  We will discuss ways to fit this into your daily schedule during class 1.  

Students must attend all 6 classes
If you cannot make the first class, you must reach out to me to schedule a private class immediately, so you do not get behind on your hypnosis training since each following week of instruction builds on the previous week’s hypnosis techniques.  Private classes are the same length (3 hours) at an additional $125 per private makeup class.

Class refund policy
Hypnobabies classes are limited to 6 birthing people/couples.  The deposit fee ($150) is refunded upon request if the student decides they will not attend the class for any reason, if they contact the instructor 48 hours prior to the class start date. There will be no other refunds under any circumstances if outside the 48 window prior to the first class start date.  

Next Steps
* After you’ve completed the enrollment form, you may pay for the Hypnobabies Class Series here.
* An email containing our class info (parking if attending in-person at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks and our class Zoom link if you’re choosing to watch our hybrid class live from home) will be sent to you with access to some hypnosis tracks you’ll listen to prior to our first class.
* Class materials will be mailed to you via USPS with signature required (you’ll supply your mailing address on the enrollment form).